Northfleet School for Girls was last inspected in February 2017 and found to be a ‘Good’ school. The report commented that ‘Standards continue to improve in all subjects” and since this all our key markers including attendance, student intake, GCSE progress and Sixth Form progress have continued improving every year (see results section).

Key statements in our latest report include;

“During our visits to classrooms, we observed very positive attitudes towards learning. Pupils were clearly enjoying the levels of challenge on offer and showed respect towards their teachers and each other."

“It is clear that leaders, governors and staff at every level have established a culture in which everyone in the community is valued and treated with respect”

“The school is a harmonious environment where pupils are happy.”


Our vision is very clear that we have high expectations of all students and this includes academic progress.

Student academic progress rates have been above Kent all school averages for the last four years and show further improvements from 2018.

The graph below shows our academic value added scores (blue line) for the last four years when compared to all Kent schools (orange line).


The table on this page gives further detail, including the following key points;

• Academic progress rates above all Kent schools for the last four years
• Four year trend of increasing average point scores
• Average grade increasing by a whole grade for every student in every subject within the last 3 years
• Positive value added for all vocational (applied) scores for the last three years
• Average grade of Distinction for vocational (applied) courses for the last 3 years

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*2020 figures are centre assessed grades.

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