At KS3 we use a KS2 – KS4 levelling system to track student progress using flight paths.

GCSE skills provide the structure with adjustment to cover National Curriculum Key Stage 3 content requirements. Subject specific assessment criteria provide meaningful and coherent progress paths for learners.

By adopting the new GCSE 1 to 9 grading structure, students feel more confident with the expectations of exam work.

The use of + and – with the new number grades help students and teachers to communicate about when students are close to the next grade so supporting their progress.

Peer assessment enables children to give each other valuable feedback so they learn from and support each other. Students are able to articulate what they need to do to move forward through highly effective feedback and develop the skills of critical thinkers and self-assessment in order to be successful.

Targets follow the national expected levels of progress enhanced by some challenge.

Reporting to parents happens three times a year, one will be a written the other two will be reporting on levels.

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