Be. Challenged. Be. Empowered. Be. Extraordinary.

Let us help navigate your future in performing arts. Bring the courage, we’ll support you with the rest.

If you love performing arts and considering options at 16yrs but want to gain other A Levels, this programme may be for you. The Be. Training programme recognises students who have a talent and desire to train at a high standard in performing arts but who also want to follow the traditional A level, IBCP or vocational qualification pathways at 16yrs.

The Be. Programme has worked very closely with Northfleet School for Girls to develop an exciting, unique programme, in a 6th form setting, known as Be. designed to achieve academic potential whilst preparing the young performer for their chosen Professional College or University.

More than ever young people should be encouraged to realise their academic potential, be well equipped and well informed to make good decisions about their options within the performing arts industry at 18 yrs.

What do we study on the Be. Programme?

Students who follow the Be. Training programme are able to study a Level 3 performing arts qualification (currently the RSL Diploma in Creative & Performing Arts -equivalent to 1.5 A Levels) and up to 3 other A Levels in subjects of their choice*.

In addition to their level 3 performing arts qualification and study hours, students will receive an additional 10 hours of practical, industry relevant training during school time across 2 days led by Industry Professional Tutors and Industry Partners.


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