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Deciding whether to send your child to a mixed or single sex school is a significant factor. It has been shown nationally that Girls schools on average outperform mixed schools and we believe that an all-Girls school has the following advantages;

Learning methods

It is often the case that Girls learn in different ways to boys and prefer differing styles of teaching. In a mixed school this means that a teacher has to balance both preferred styles and it can hamper progress. In our school our teachers tailor learning to really suit Girls learning preferences, we believe this has been a key factor in our progress rates being above national averages as shown in the results section.

Wider development

Being an all-girls school allows us to really tailor our wider provision, this will include clubs, trips, work experience, careers advice and assemblies.

Pastoral Support

The type of pastoral support required by boys and girls can be very different.

As a girls school we have been able to closely tailor our support systems to meet girls needs and ensure they are happy, settled and confident in school.

All of the above does not mean that we offer a narrow or stereotyped experience, we always ensure that students receive a right balance, but with the opportunity to target our work where it will make the biggest difference for girls.

Key examples of this targeting include:

• Working with the Women’s Business Council to support our students in becoming business leaders of the future and helping to address gender imbalance in this area

• We offer a wide range of clubs, however we can offer more that Girls tend to opt for – please see our example clubs timetable on this website

• A PSHE programme closely targeted to suit girls as they move through their teenage years

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