We firmly believe in the importance of developing the whole person, not just acting as an exam factory. Our vision is clear that a student can have the best exam results ever, but if they cannot solve problems, work in a team or show resilience when faced with challenges they will not succeed in life.

Our Dream Big programme aims to develop the following skills

- Resilience
- Pro-activity
- Relationships and team player
- World minded
- Creative


These skills are developed through an integrated programme including:

- Clubs and trips

- Dream Big ‘drop down’ days

- Base time activities

- Assemblies

- Competitions

- Work experience – block time and bespoke

- Careers support and interviews

In addition to the above all students develop a Dream Big passport through a range of experiences and challenges. As this passport develops it shows their journey towards successful ‘whole person’ skills to achieve beyond school.

We are finding this programme to be a positive way to develop the whole person, also as we developed these skills students have more effectively engaged with their learning and improving results in examinations.

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