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Our aspirational curriculum is carefully developed to pull together all aspects of our provision including lessons, clubs, trips and the Dream Big programme.

The following are included on this page to show how our curriculum works:

Curriculum Vision: This shows our aims for developing students learning through their time in our school. Also included are the hours spent on each subject for every year group.

Curriculum intent: This details the skills and understanding we seek to develop in all students for every year group.

Year 7 Curriculum document: This shows the topics and learning areas covered for all subjects taught in Year 7

At the start of each year and unit students will explore what they are learning and why so that they are fully involved in their learning journey.

From September 2020 all parents will receive a termly email detailing what their child will be learning so they can support from home.

We firmly believe that this learning journey is something we do together as a school, students and parents.

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